What dubstep tune are you feeling today


Bit of a bait one, but I’ve had those three notes stuck in my head for the last few hours



@frogman recently bought both of those 12" :corndance:


Yes iyah still some killer tracks :slight_smile:

I love when the composition is not ‘‘static’’, with a lot of variations, and when there is some difference between the first and the second part of a track, this is less boring than a track sounding exactly the same all over during 5 minutes

Like this for example I love the progression:

Tracks with only few variations didnt disturb me but it’s just a tiny preference for the first category


Love those Kromestar & Jay 5ive tunes, can’t believe this one never got released:


Yeah massive tune!
Dubplate culture is sometimes frustrating especially with Kromestar who keep his best tunes dub during years, some of them will probably never see the light of days but I keep the faith ^^ the list of tunes that I would like him to release continues to grow


wow heard this years ago but never quite clocked how hard this is


Glad you rediscovered this one :slight_smile:
You can blend it with that :


finally managed to get a copy at a decent price, and i’ve probably posted it before, but this again:




Quality free chune



Vivek dropped this at system, was so sick


I know what you mean - this is one of Malas finest:

Not sure if it was just me and I hadn’t properly grown to appreciate Mala compared to hearing Cokis stuff dropped with multiple rewinds but both Education and Enter Dimensions seem to have been slept on - or at least by me. I remember Horrid Henry being the last tune played at WHP in a car park until the train station… 4 rewinds at 5am - Pokes jumping around shouting SURVIVOR CREW. Also remember Marduk being pulled up multiple times with Kromestar on mic which was also incredible. So yeah - slept on both Malas tunes on both plates but 2 of my favourites of his.


remember this but had no idea what it was, banger

Did you catch this dropping? Proper didn’t expect to hear it, one of my favs


Came out of nowhere, I remember turning to my mate and we went bonkers


this one is a percy, never heard it out though, I would properly lose my shit if I heard this in the dance. Straight Big-Leg Godzilla Movements™


I wouldn’t be surprised if I poked out someone’s eye with my flailing gunfingers :cornlol: