What dubstep tune are you feeling today


I can’t believe I forgot about this


i always forget about sushi brain bc of this tune on the same release


I heard sushi brain first off some old mah show so that’s always been a percy. But yeah drop the waste is big. Actually whole ep is gully af


yeh man, Im not sure what the prices are now but when I bought it off discogs a long time ago it was like $4 for the 2x12" as well. Quite a steal


Not too expensive still. But I need to cop it before it randomly goes up in price. So many releases I’ve put off because they’re so cheap then suddenly I check it again and it’s like £30


Education at one of the first System nights is an all time raving highlight. It just crushes you into the earth on a proper sound.


(Does anyone still have got this 16bit mix in his files and could share it to me please ?)



Not exactly dubstep but this is the coolest thing


Not exactly dubstep either but the structure of the intro makes it good for mixing into dubstep.
I played it at the end of a dubstep set once. People were confused.





New Mr K is nice



Better than the original. Fight me.




One of my favourite 2nd drops. Propa stompa



100% Those war drums in the second drop get me so gassed like the whole build up is like two armies walking towards. The breakdown is like them in some next stand off. then the ultra rhythmic second drop is like them just battling