What dubstep tune are you feeling today


The two toms either side of the second snare of the bar are so dope.


the whole track is so peng
kinda like an angry fuck


It’s still got a lot of space though. Space to seethe instead of breathe :grin:





Ugh 16bit completely got me into this scene and I love p much all of their stuff. Im still sad moth will never get released.
Also why the heck are their last 2 EPs like $30+ on discogs???


Me too, 16bit and Kromestar and Sukh Knight and Rusko are responsible in my case! I dont know why their MTA records are expansive like that, but I still want them, maybe more for the artwork (I prefer a bit their previous work)

About Moth & Otaku, still sad too despite years… this damn tracklist annonced both them on Boka records ^^



this ones decent too, that whole Electronic Explorations series is great


probably cause they split up and discogs sellers are greedy twats

anyway, this is my fave


16bit were so so sick when they wanted to be

Gutted this one never came out


Their 2 best tracks!
We should have started a petition for Otako & Moth to be release while we still have the opportunity




wasnt exactly sure where to post this but this compilation is pretty mad, decent amount of these never had a digital release


Found the wav of this on my phone a little while ago, completely forgot I had it


tune has no right to keep getting stuck in my head like this @phrex please pressure man to consider a release lol


fuck’s sake this is a banger


Gotta be done.

Fuuuuuuuuck this is HEAVY!!!


Shit heavy af!