What dubstep tune are you feeling today


New out today!



yes i!
he really wants his old bits to stay hidden. but i’ll hit him up again (for the 10th time)! :slight_smile:
i still play this dubplate now and then. smashes every place!

apparently i keep forgetting the reason. it’s a lost dub. the original file is lost. the only legit copy is my pretty rugged dubplate …


IMO one of my most favorite things about that Ternion Sound 12" I posted is that it’s sorta tracklisted like an old-school dubstep 12" as well - the main tracks are the heavy wobblers and the B-side contains a more lowkey sub-rattler. I guess a close label comparison would probably be … Dub Police?



well I’m not gonna sugar coat it that is terrible news haha and that rugged dubplate just tripled in value, shit man nevermind I’ll just have to suffer

What Dubstep Tune/s Are You Hooked On At The Mo?

Forgot how hard this tune is. I’d probably have to be restrained if I ever heard it in a dance


Never heard this - was it a free download or something?


Yeah. It was a thing where you sign up to they the plant power newsletter and you got sent the wav


i never got the wav :frowning:


I’ll upload it in the morning if you can’t get it sorted before then


Here you go lads








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