What dubstep tune are you feeling today


shame it’s mixed out so quick, would like to hear more of this



ruf :heart_eyes_cat:


underrated producer


This one is fully making hairs stand up. When I listen to this and close my eyes I feel cathartic. I can see myself stood on a massive hill and watching cities and forests on fire. Well and truly a soundtrack to the apocolypse





Oh My

Oh My


this is sick, forgot how good bitcrushers can sound.


Anyone on here got a copy they’d be willing to part with?


lol I played this at my school disco when I was a yungun needless to say didnt go very well


Lool big up


some of these spammers tracks actually have thousands of plays makes you wonder how much they’ve spammed it around to achieve that


Lmaoo joker


fuckin brosteppers lol


Pretty weird seeing an admin hate on someone’s music and call them “brosteppers.” Unfortunate to see that’s how an admin behaves on this page.




Yeah you little slag, stop being a troll



Wyld Renaissance (for google searches)