What dubstep tune are you feeling today


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its on sight bitch :gun:


i just love the outright brostep mentality of competition being the issue

p.s that is 100% not actually his real locale so i dont feel bad posting it here


Lool what a bellend


i mean the guy has 5k plays, power hungry cucklopian cant even reach 200 on most of his SC tracks so he needs all the help he can get

here you go my man, have some exposure, thats my tune of the day, hope it gets you to at least a 100 plays:


idk dude every time ive posted a track in the last year youve deleted the post cause you only want people to hear your music


:joy::joy::joy: what an absolute cretin, posting his shit midrange cack on this forum bumped his streams from 3500 to 5000 in one day? righto m9




I don’t remember the last time a brostepper took to the forums to act like a proper tnuc like this



Inb4 he made 5000 accounts on sc to like his own track


It used to be a recurring trend on the old forum. The typical topic went something like this.

“Why do you guys hate on Skrillex/Borgore/Funtcase etc.?”
DSF reacts as you’d expect
“OK, but how can you think THIS is good? Proceeds to slate absolute dubstep classic like Qawwali
Shit kicks off further

Pretty low-effort trolling tbf, looking back.


My plays only went from 66 to 68 u fucking tnucs!!

You are all banned if this isn’t at 5k plays tomorrow :triumph:


this fajita mike guy is messaging me on soundcloud threatening a lawsuit for slander now


Its always shocking to actually interact with people like this lol, cant get your way? threaten to sue!


im just angry you never sent me stems for the Budget Boys project that was only discussed once in an off hand conversation like 2 years ago


sorry, I decided to carry that project forward with fajitamike

I’m still down, pm me if you’ve got some ideas


he’s probably 14


these lovely people called my office today to harass me and my employer, I hope they call tomorrow while impersonating a lawyer again. Solid crime in California and they’ve already sent me their (now known to me to be real) home address and phone #!. Smarties, esp calling a CPA firm. We def log and archive all calls

Harassment and impersonating a lawyer is no fuckin joke

Also put out the word to a few of the promoters in the Bay Area I work with regularly to be wary of interacting with these guys.

This started as a joke for me but these guys are fucked up, disgusting humans.


when somebody doesn’t like ur brostep tune so you sue them


or you start calling their work to try to get them in trouble at work while illegally pretending to be a lawyer :turntablist:


Legit WTF. How do you have that much time on your hands. Cannot understand the motivation.


lets get back to business tho, sorry for the disruption on the thread