What dubstep tune are you feeling today


sorry to hear because fuck dealing with shit like that over forum bantz but that’s hilarious :joy:


that’s all low effort trolling but this guy is a straight up devious asswipe. #solidarity4cyclopian


Haha wtf are they even telling your employer


What a peenus


Wow, just seen the latest update. What an absolute weapon.

@cyclopian send him trucker mags now you’ve got his address, imo.


Oldie but a goldie! Who’s going to fabric to see Caspa next month???


Will be in attendance


Eyes Down/Big Bang are percies


Riz la teef in room 3 should be sick


Is this that brotwat??


Yeah I’ll probably be in room 3 the majority of the night anyway. Tetris is a fucking sick DJ as well so looking fwd to him b2b riz


jesus, how much of a daft ■■■■ you have to be to do this…



lol, I think someone bought listens or something for this track now

1000 listens from a bunch of bots looking accounts


Loool incredible, this dude really is doing all this over not getting his tune posted on fucking dsf in 2019


lmao the plot thickens



Nest is such a percy


Been fully rinsing the FWD/dark garage/breakstep/protodubstep sound lately

So fucking good