What dubstep tune are you feeling today


ye man, such a subtle banger, will knock the air out of the room with the right speakers

i love the music video they made for it, shame on the ancient youtube quality b2b its a wonderful version of the tune that isn’t really available anywhere else afaik


also, if you havent already heard this album:

its ridiculously good, flirts that line between dark and light perfectly

bonus ‘making of’:


now im just thinking about jahtari :gunfinger:


and now im thinking about Hidden Operator


but, as always my thought process ends at John Gast

sorry for this wasteman-ism dsf, hope ya enjoy the tunes at least, i’ll sober up by monday


Used to love watching this video when I moved on from brostep and was getting into jah approved beats. Yet to hear this tune on a system


:praise: @cyclopian

Just listened to whole thing…

Not gonna say anything for a while. So good.

Makes me fall in love with Dub all over again.


its a bit odd since its a ‘classic’ but yeah no one ever plays it out since it doesn’t sound like much at home

when someone does tho it will rattle your bones, one of the heaviest tunes on a system

when i played in clubs more consistently i had a skream - wiseman into 9 samuari double drop that was pretty gully, proper shock on the dancefloor hehe


Hopefully if I keep bringing it up I’ll speak it into existence haha. Karmas playing at the rave I’m hitting up tonight and he likes to draw for old tunes so maybe I’ll get lucky


Pulled out this plate for the first time in a while


I’ll never forget Kode9 mixing this into 9 Samurai at DMZ:

What’s more, it fucking banged.


Haha what a g





https://www.soundcloud.com/foundationaudio/fav010-tetrad-samos-ep killa


LOVE THIS COMP! Untold - Fly girls is another biiggone



& wot


Fucking weapon