What dubstep tune are you feeling today


Lol yes I did, i was just saying I love this tune since I heard it on his soundcloud, it remind me old video game like Zelda, vibe a bit similar than Headland Tasty Witch ^^ I am not sure to love all the track on this DDD but that could change when I will listen them on proper speakers


Yeah fair dos, see what you mean about that kind of vibe


Sometimes I edit my posts because not sure to write in english something interesting and understandable, because I am french and havent got all words, all vocabulary, even with the help of google translation ^^ (which doesnt always works good in few situations)




No worries man, I still follow what you’re saying


Not really feeling this direction Samba is taking which is a massive shame as I absolutely adored his earlier stuff


Kings is bangin but I feel like the other three tunes are lacking cause they’re all trying to sound as consistent as possible. Regardless there were some highlights on his production mix on Rinse a couple months ago.


Yeah kings is alright, the others are pretty lackluster


I want to keep optimism in saying that its not necessary a direction he is taking, but just a weaker release considering his previous. But yea that smell like something you buy for only one good track and forget the rest ^^


this gets me super hyped everytime inna di club


I just think samba is really prolific but every tune isn’t going to be flames, so these are maybe some ‘b side’ type tunes that the bigger labels weren’t interested in, hence them coming out on truth’s label. I don’t think it’s an indication of samba’s direction


Idk man, that recent all own productions mix he did is full of tunes of this particular sound. I hope you’re right however


https://www.soundcloud.com/grooki/grooki-interloper :fire: meeeeental


https://m.soundcloud.com/pleightweight/samba-winona i want to believe


man what happened to this guy :frowning:


He sound fine ^^ believe me or not but I asked him about this tune on facebook and he told me this morning ‘‘signed, should come this year’’


huh, interesting, his soundcloud is a bit abandoned.

I play tortoise a lot and always have someone asking for ID





Haven’t heard this in so long, so fucked