What have you done that took the most amount of time working on a track?

The reason why I ask is because my own answer confuses me. I always hear
people spending so much time working on a track and I wonder what
happens during the longest periods of time during the entire beginning
to end of track creation…

For me, it’s the time BETWEEN working on a track. Recently, I have
discovered that I appreciate what I’ve done the MOST when I have
something to work with that I either forgot about, or did at a distant
past; It’s when my creations have accumulated TIME do I really find the
value of what I’ve done because it’s like there is a ‘future me’ leaving
behind a trail… AS WELL AS HAVING TIME BETWEEN LISTENING because each
new time I come back to a track I have a fresh pair of ears.

As for the ACTUAL WORK process, I would say I spend the most time
organizing and preparing everything (FX racks, samples, sends/returns
etc) for the actual influx of improvisational sound design, recording,
sampling which I place and structure into something from seemingly
nonsensical; taking desirable parts/artifacts and collectively forming
them into a song.

The part that confuses me is how little time I actually spend on sound
design (it kind of comes in a spurts of 1-4 hours) and how I take MORE
time to have fresh ears IN ORDER to continue wherever I left off (I
usually stop when I become lost or confused, or just generally

How about you? C:

For me it’s figuring out wtf to do next. Normally I’ll get some bit that sounds good (normally take an hour or two to get the idea and another hour or two working it out and then yet another bit of time balancing it and such.) So lets say this chunk is an intro. Now I gotta figure out what comes after that. That can take awhile. Right now the thing in working on, I made a good bit that is basically the destination of the track. I just can’t figure out how I want to get there and every time I go to work on it its just me sitting there listening to the loop :stuck_out_tongue:

probably twiddling with a kick drum for 3 hours then scrapping it

snare easily. always chasing that skream clapsnare type impact in my tunes and it takes forever if it happens at all.

A couple of years.

TBH i’m used to spending 20-40 minutes on a tune then mixing it down and never returning. Recently started making tunes over days and spending 1-2 hours total before mixing. If i get to that frustrating period and start hating the tune then its likely dead to me as the more time spent the worse it’s going to end up.

I do sometimes spend 4-5 hours downloading sample packs from all over the place (russian forums etc) then organising/searching for interesting sounds.

longest part for me is usually finding the individual sounds. I also have trouble with snares - never really find one that I like - even as a starting point to turning it into a snare that I do like, then I get the hump and play games instead

For me its choosing sounds that fit together in key, I do a lot of sound design but I need things to fit rhythmically and harmonically.

Mixing and mastering is the easy part most of the time.

Usually sound design takes me long because I don’t get what I want In 10 minutes. so I may end up spending 1-4 hours on the sound design for the whole track.