What times do you make you best progress on productions at?

I feel like any time I try to do anything during the day it gets no where. But of course, right as I’m ready to knock out I start getting all these ideas so I get up and start pluggin away. Next thing you know It’s 5 hours later, but it was worth it. Who else has that going on?

I do. Today I started trying to produce at about 8am. Didn’t have anything good down till about 10pm, now it’s 5am, and my sleeping pattern (which I’d just fixed the night before last) is fucked again.

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You ought to invest in some headphones. I’ve gotten by on the apple earbuds for night moves for years, so you don’t even need to spend a lot to get something adequate to put ideas down. You can work on stuff during the day on your speakers.
That said, I live in NY, so being noisy isn’t exactly something that gets many complaints and I can use speakers for the most part. I use the headphones more for enveloping drums and preliminary mixing.

post > time @ 420 pm but thats essentially cheating

i think you are spot on Ao, that its common having to like punch through the first couple of hours and then you feel like you’re in a zone

but that if you got into meditating or stuff like that … even sports … youd find new ways of focusing or unfocusing much quicker

hahaha 4:20 is a great time to make beats


usually after midnight cause it gets quiet and I can focus more in general. It is also usually the only time I have lol

trying to get used to starting earlier now since i’ll be home at that time now from on

As for headphones I use these Sony ones that are really nice… $60 for em which isn’t too bad imo.

I don’t think I have a time that I do best its normally just like once I get the ball rolling it keeps going for awhile before i hit another wall

So what you’re saying is meditating is the way to go? haha But yeah that’s what it seems like. I always aim for gtting into the zone but, not during the day. and Unless you’re trying to eq and do a rally good mixdown like @Tolsof said sony’s are pretty damn good

usually i have to be like on my computer

sometimes ill be doing something & go like oh yea that would be a good idea for a song

but… not in front of my computer right now!

so i move to that area & then i can use my D.A.W. b/c its on my computer

otherwise it doens’t work

soid say pretty much anytime im on my computer is when i do it

i make my best things at 13:37

i think so

but i dunno because i havent actually tried… but it seems people that do are in control of stuff like this

i think music is just my natural meditative spot tbh - so i havent had to look hehe … hmmm

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I am so 9-5 now that is my best time…but not like 2-4…I often get lazy/tired around then.

In the morning’s about 2 hours after I wake up once my ADHD meds start peaking.

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When I’m blazed

Usually early in the morning like 6am or even 7 :slight_smile: