What tune originally got you into dubstep?


I heard Miss Dynamite from a friend, but had no clue what I was listening to although loved it. Looking back now it was mainly UK Garage beats under Miss Dynamite, not Dubstep. We were calling it “Grime” although had no idea what Grime or Dubstep was yet. I needed to hear more tunes w that dark broken 140 vibe, so I stumbled through some internet searches and found a Ben UFO mix that started with D1’s Crack Bong. Mind blown. As a DJ I immediately switched my genre from DnB to Dubstep, 29 July 2005 was my 1st order for dubstep vinyl :slight_smile:



Lmao that was my 8th birthday



I would have just turned 23 haha

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Big up bro, I remember you from day. I locked into a few of your shows n rinsed a couple of your tunes.

You still playing?



Aye biggup Molzie! Yeah, I’m still producing and DJ’ing.



For me that was Kromestar - Badman & 16bit - PCP ! the 2 first dubstep records I have bought :smiley:

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Im guessing it was ruffage (loefah) and Angels (vex’d)
Still some of my favorite sounds!