Where to go with this / should I even finish it?


Made this in an afternoon. It distinctly lacks a melody. I had zero ideas on what to do for that, so I left that out. I like the ambient stuff going on after the first drop, the track starts picking up after the second drop at around 3:00, but its clearly empty, and I don’t know what to fill the void with. I’ve tried some stuff, synthesized instruments, chords, but I wasn’t feeling anything. I couldn’t find a decent melodic sample ether. So what do you guys think, what would work here?


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Hey mate, nice beat! I like the subtle atmosphere in it.
I like these “empty” beats without too much melodies and stuff.

The first thing came in my mind what could be added: a nice, clear female vocal!

Something like A/TO/S - stuff:

PS: On my speakers the snare in the second part is a bit too loud/strong.

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             I agree with @Multiple_Noise 
             A vocal would compliment it well.
             Don't give up on it yet. It's chill, I like it.
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Also, on the topic of the second drop, I didn’t master this so there’s some amplitude irregularities. It’s pretty loud for me as well



I love the dark vibes this has and the percussion is really impressive. You should def be proud of yourself. Maybe for a melodic thing you could try something like a pluck sound but with a slower attack so that it fades in and falls slightly out of time. Couple that with some cool filtering and stuff and you might be on to something. You could also sample a vocal over and over again and chop/glitch it. Maybe in the second drop you could take the same vocal sample and reverse it and do the same thing… just some thoughts hope this helps

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