White label classics 2

i would love the down vocal in 320 among others

yeah i would love some 320s of guns and roses vol 1 & 2. dont think theyll do a vinyl release tho.
i just need a good version of jampie so badly

innit the version of gnr 1 i have is boooog, i want bring ur click and r u double ff too

it was sick of them to release the instrumentals but i prefer their beats with them spitting on them, they’re not the greatest mcs ever but i really enjoy em

would be great! making old grime beats more easily available can only be a good thing imo anyway

nah just cause I bought a cd of the first one and they never sent it


Rapid lost the project file iirc.

not sure if againsts the rulez, but here is guns n roses 1+2. I uploaded it for someone on the old dsf.

[mod edit] completely against the rules [/mod edit]

yo silver drizzle has some ruff sqwad rarity mixtapes up with dl links, working thru this 1 now some pim in here