I have a confession. I have been eating my desert before my meal and before I can even finish and clean my dishes I am bloated. Because in order to properly digest I need to separate the vinegar from the baking soda which requires eating food between so I don’t bloat. And that’s what has happened. I’m a bloated wreck in a room full of dishes and overcrowded with food that needs to be eaten, and the hungriest of them all is my toilet. He’s waiting for me to eat all this food so he can eat too.

I just love designing sounds. And mixing in frequencies I know will sound soooooo good with them but I know once I have given into that craving I won’t be as enthusiastic about mixing the other sounds that are really just… Fillers. They are unfortunately just apart of what has to be done in order to make the other sounds sound good. But if I was to mix all at once I would be able to divvy out the enthusiasm to the whole thing so I can actually finish and not continuing to make those sounds I like and repeating the whole process until I have a million projects and no songs.

How do I discipline myself? A spanking? What a naughty boy, I ought to kiss him on the lips and make him wish he never had to talk to me or my friends. They’re trying to convince me to leave him but I have a feeling he will come through and do his duty. What do you think?


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what in the world

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Hmm a very metaphor filled post
I’m now just confused
I think just write music and stop focusing and synth sounds mate


don’t worry about it then m8, what’s the problem exactly?
if you’re having fun then it really doesn’t matter if you never finish tunes imo. better to have fun with a hobby than to churn out some shit youtubestep and get depressed when, 5 years later, you realise you’re just a bit average and wasted your life putting an overwhelming amount of effort in to finishing underwhelming tunes.


I make beats and have always wanted to take it up to the next level like make and EP then a mix tape etc. I’ve never had the drive to do it and have resigned myself to it being a hobby and tryst me its fine aha.

(When I move out of my folks house tho I’ll kick it up a notch cos I can’t record anything at home its too loud)

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do it ya bastard

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Wow that post was well written.

A few days ago I made my first post on the forum, but I feel like I need to re-introduce myself.

My name is Blaston and I’m a Hungarian bass music producer and graphics designer.

Darla, I̶ ̶g̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ I’m going through the same thing. I’ve been producing for 6 years now and only this year, in February have I made a step and uploaded my first track. My WIP folder is full of stuff I never finished and probably never will. They are not bad yet not worthy of showing it to anyone.

The thing that helped me in making the next step was opening my mind. Now I know this sounds garbage and cliché but believe me. I look at things constructively: everything can be an inspiration!

The next time sit down and start a new song, don’t try to force things together. Make things instinctively. Have a reference: While producing have a song you want your music to sound like on another track, analyze it and try to match your material to it. Eventually you will end of with a something you like.

I also suggest you read the “Gain structure AKA the Money-Shot Thread” on the old Dubstep Forum! It helped me lot.

If none of this helps, then leave it behind for a week or two, gather inspiration and ideas and come back fresh and new.

I hope at least something makes sense of what I just wrote. If I misunderstood what you wrote than please excuse me for wasting your time.
I hope you’ll make amazing stuff!:fire:

Have a nice day!

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I am too turnt all time brah.

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Recently I have been working with Polystyrene Shrink Film…

and it’s given me tons of ideas, directions, & possible applications
with different/additional methods…
But the material itself is a bit shit…

I forced myself to finish a # of pieces because
I needed to show that I did something here…
although I’ll never promote them as vital…

They are successful experiments that will get me to the next thing…
but I had to finish at least a # of them…

you can view them here…Brain Films series

My point here…You gotta do the bullshit work to amass the focus…
so when it’s time to super sharp shoot…

you’ll know what it is…your favorite 5,7,9 ,12, 18 whatever


…although I’m feeling a bit flat and shrinking in general

I’m waifing out…

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limitations - give yourself them & don’t move on till they are complete…


I find when I don’t connect as much to whatever I start with it makes it easier to create around it because I’m not afraid or too attached to lose it. I think everyone has a certain type of limitation that can be designed for their weaknesses. The one I know will help me is not needing to connect so deeply with every single piece of the song, that way I can make my way to having a more full track so I can get a better idea where I can take it. When your working with just one sound, theres a chance your track wont sound anything like you thought it would and you may end up using just one part of the sound.

Get as quickly as possible a full track (drums, sounds, melody etc) = THEN work on each individual track

Make sense?

(edit): thx for the love guys <3

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love this song

I think u just gotta force ur self to finish a few even if u dont like them just as practice (if u want to be able to churn out tunes) if ur just in it for th fun of it just do th bits u enjoy.

also u said u like sound design then maybe see if u can get into doing library music or sfx? theres loads of sites out thre u can upload to