Workshop Appreciation Thread

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pure quality

love that they do so many releases with 3/4 different artists to a 12

workshop is pure class


safe, i was meaning to dig deeper with this label

I really love this mix. Lowtec would probably be one of your best opening DJ around; he really knows how to create a mood, doesn’t he…

Soft Focus – EEG (Sähkö Recordings)
Simone White - Flowers In May (Kassem Mosse Remix) (Forthcoming Honest Jon’s)
Dean Blunt - Papi – MMIX (Hippos In Tanks)
Dalhous - He Was Human And Belonged With Humans (Blackest Ever Black)
Ro70 AKA Roman Flügel – Alma (Source Records)
Even Tuell & Midnightopera - Workshop Special 02 (Workshop)
Alex Cortex - Laconic C1 (Source Records)
Marsen Jules - Coeur Saignant (City Centre Offices)
Moondog - All Is Loneliness (Honest Jon’s)
Tapes - Where Is The Time (Jahtari)
John T Gast – Exile (Men Scryfa)
Kelpe - Double Punt (Svetlana Industries)
Dj Vadim - Variations In U.S.S.R. (DJ Krush Remix) (Ninja Tune – Jazz Fudge)
Bannlust – Bannlust (Craft Records – Sabotage Commuications)
Fabric - Split Guest (Meandyou)
Monkey Maffia – Berk (Fatplastics)
Satellite – Satellite (Vlek)
Paid Reach - Tracking (Forthcoming Paid Reach 7-inch on Ominira)
Zomby - Ascension (4AD)

great label.

what did you people think about the tapes track on the last release? i kinda like his approach in general, as well as the concept of releasing only on analogue media, but i find this fluttering effect in this song a tad too cheesy.

I think it’s great.