XLR8R Podcast 409 - Pinch

So the don gone and done a mix. Everybody act surprised: it’s the tits.

Read & download:

01 W3C “Bile” (forthcoming on Cold Recordings)
02 W3C “Atmospheric Entry” (forthcoming on Cold Recordings)
03 Walton “Tailko” (unreleased/dubplate)
04 Wiley “Morgue” (Gage Refix) (Crazylegs)
05 Lamont “One Hour” (unreleased/dubplate)
06 Plastician “Roman Trax” (unreleased/dubplate)
07 Ipman “U” (Tectonic Recordings)
08 Mumdance & Logos “Move Your Body” (Perc & Truss remix) (unreleased/dubplate)
09 Ipman “Keep It Toolish” (Tectonic dubplate)
10 Powell “Disco” (unreleased/dubplate)
11 Elmono “Salad Holder” (forthcoming on Cold Recordings)
12 Cliques “Untitled” (unreleased/dubplate)
13 Walton “Bulldozer” (Tectonic Recordings)
14 Pinch “No Justice” (forthcoming on Tectonic Recordings)
15 Pinch & Mumdance “Double Barreled Mitzi (Turbo Mitzi VIP mix) (Tectonic Recordings)
16 Kahn & Neek “Backchat” (Jus Now remix) (Hotline Recordings)
17 Pinch “Waterbomb” (unreleased/dubplate)
18 Wen “Finesse” (Tectonic Recordings)
19 Russell Haswell “Hardwax Flashback” (Powell ‘Cov Megamix’) (Diagonal Records)
20 Powell “Russel Haswel” (Diagonal Recordings)
21 Acre “Love” (forthcoming on Tectonic Recordings)

The Move Your Body Remix is a beauty, rendering the tune playable without dismissing anything of its grit. Powell - Disco is a fucking banger aswell. Hard to pick highlights though.

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sick, highlights- powell-disco, acre-love and yeah that perc and truss remix is tough

This is sick. Move to snh imo.

Powell is next level.