XPRS - Bristol



XPRS 29/05/15
XPRS 07/07/15
XPRS 30/09/15
XPRS 21/01/16
XPRS 01/03/16

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not mad about sleeper but that’s a big line up

shame i got an exam on the 1st probably can’t reach


Bristol crew >>>

Next session with Joe Nice - https://www.facebook.com/events/1442250846082171/


Nice one.

I’ll be catching Joe Nice tomorrow night here in Ottawa.




next xprs - Wednesday 30th September




Oh nice, didn’t realise Cluekid was still in the game, not heard from him in a while!

Any idea if he’s got any releases upcoming?


Great to see him still getting bookings!


Yeah he’s about. Good week to be in Bristol.

Subloaded on the Friday, Tokyo Dub the day after, System afterparty the same night then this on the Wednesday.


Big up you mate, great lineup. Whats the sound like in Crofters Rights? I’ve not been for a night since it was the Croft.

Either way i’ll probably be reaching this


Sound is still crisp like Walkers in there. Joker’s album launch a few months back was v.serious. Salute if you’re planning to reach.


Back in the cellar on the 21st with the original fwd don Tubby





tonight >>


Managed to record the first 30 mins of Tubby before my laptop buss up.

thought it was worth upping just for that Coki dub of Under Mi Sensi from way back


god bless u



Last minute rinseout next Tuesday - https://www.facebook.com/events/1706908032886501/