XPRS - Bristol


Jelly. Never could get that tour to work for LDN (fucking city) have a good one


Safee man. Was a bit of a long one to set up, hence the last min date but we’re rolling >>>


only just listened to that tubby set sooo live, that definitely a coki version of under mi sensi? never heard it before and looove it


Yeap, done the rounds on Tubby’s show around 07 then the Clue/Cotti version came out and it went ghost iirc. Gutted I couldn’t record the whole of his set, he went darker after that first 30 - straight music house plates.


Out to anyone that managed to make it to the last night btw and big up LAS for passing through too >>
recorded Kursk b2b LAS and Ago’s sets so should be able to up something soon