Yo price check on some plates

reserved a ruff sqwad ep and the black ops one with cry me a river rmx/invade

probably gonna be short on p still next week so think im gonna have to do trade in

how much would you let firepusher ep go for?

people on discogs are asking silllly money (and frankly i want some of that action), there’s not a copy available atm- did it get repressed?

  • what about eshone ups and downs/flights vip- doesn’t seem to ever have sold on discogs
    -im less on letting this one go i like mixing it

maybe you should contact the bloke who made this comment on the discogs page for the firpusher ep:

NabooNZ August 1, 2015

Anyone got a nice clean copy to sell please ? I’ll pay $110 NZ to get a copy sent over :slight_smile:

(that’s about 50 quid)

I reckon if you could get bare P for Firepusher go for it… it’ll probably get repressed at some point. I got that Black Ops one for like £6 a few years back :wink: