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@Muncey got me on a 2 tone vibe :gunfinger:


Madness headlining Boomtown this year!


U should come @Muncey

We doing a set with our band and potentially a Crucial Sound thing on the side if all works out, Deep Medi Takeover, all the fucking reggae u could shake a ganja rollie at, Calibre, Hazard b2b Hype,

(The Selecter playin too)


Will see if I can get time off work!



know a fella who can get u 20 bob off the tickets too


isn’t that sleeper’s label?


Crucial Recordings is his label

We had this discussion with him/Foam when I tried to get Foam to do a guestmix for our radar show, too closely named

Altho i started it like 3 years ago as a student radio show name so


ah I see

why didn’t he do more research? :badteeth: big up yourself tho


What’s your band’s name? Will try and catch you there


He wouldn’t do a guest mix cause of the name?!


Its more than fair enough I reckon, it was about a month before the 7.5 EP dropped on Crucial Recordings + Sleeper also does a regular Crucial Recordings podcast

Would’ve been confusing from a promo point of view on the artist’s side if you were promoting a ‘Crucial Sound’ and a ‘Crucial Recordings’ podcast near simultaneously

Band’s ere


Yeah I guess so.

Listening to the new Deadboy & Murlo plate at 33rpm, woozy.



I miss this era.


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:fire: :fire: :fire:
tune always gets me hyped