Zomboy When We Were Young Shiny Wubble Thing


Someone said on here to try and make this thing using massive’s PulseSawSync and bingo.

I used two of those, an octave apart, automate the intensity on each to get the pitchy effect (could fiddle with these for hours). Sine shaper distortion (key), Scream->bandreject, OTT and a bunch of chorus and then some saturation to even it out a bit. EQ’d out a bunch of lowend and the really highs.

The actual sound in the tune has this really high sort of scream in the background that I couldn’t quite get.

Also, this tune is in F, but this synth runs at C judging by a spectrum so idk I was having trouble figuring out the notes.

Any other suggestions would be awesome, I really do love this sound.


Just sample skrillex

I’ve can’t really think of a skrillex tune with a synth like this tbh

Never heard the track, but turn up the resonance.

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Resonance is all the way on the BR. Turning up the res on the scream makes it sound horrible. The wobble is coming from LFO on volume, no filter movement.

Finaly some one understands me!

When you were young in '92

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I don’t use scream filter but
I use comb filter I’ll get better but use it in its original state in the pitch knob then mess around with the other 2 knobs. And use p. Shaper for the insert on the comb filter. Use dimension expander for more sterio fx.
Use a bit of pre-delayed reverb on a separate vst. If you use FL Studio use the Fruty Reverb 2 not 1.