10 seconds tuna: vote or die

you can vote for two entries

  • Absolutely 10
  • 10 Second Song Contest
  • 1 trap, 1 break
  • 10 second lover
  • 10 sec
  • ment 4 loop
  • Pasted audio(1)-normalized-trimmed
  • prematurejaculation
  • 10 ten

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Absolutely 10
10 Second Song Contest
1 trap, 1 break
10 second lover
10 sec
ment 4 loop
Pasted audio(1)-normalized-trimmed
10 ten


Lots of interesting entries, some of the ones I’ve enjoyed most im pretty sure are just slowed down sample pack multi hits haha. No holds barred. I’m still not sure who to vote for. Gonna give em another rinse tomo and pass judgment.

I changed your poll to allow two votes per person
I feel like that works better for these things

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 :slayer::cornersault::alembic::cornersault: :slayer:
:cloud_rain::cloud_rain::cloud_lightning: :cloud_rain::cloud_rain:

:sunglasses: distilled.

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pretty cool all around

Really cool entries guys

pretty high voter turnover so far too

maybe the threat of an untimely demise in the thread title does help :hmm:

to be kept in mind for future comps

or maybe cause they’re all 10 seconds only lol

big ups guys nice entries

These are pretty awesome. Although I feel like a lot of them are just a bar for a song :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I feel like a couple of them did pretty well at the freeform iconic sound thing and others [like me cough cough] threw together some bars sitting around in their WIP folder. :badteeth:

I also feel like my vote changed somehow but could be harroocin8ing.

when’s this end again?

was thinking of letting the vote run for a week

These are all really awesome!

I want to vote for all of them.

10 second lover is the one

voting closed, congrats to @Jizz

big ups to everyone that entered

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Nice work @Jizz & others.

Mine was 1 trap, 1 break :badteeth:

that one was great

played chords off this intro for the entry


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Gratz @Jizz

Biggggg up