100bpm Contest III

where the fuck is the time going…

Usually with these I carve out the basics first - usable kicks, snares, hats, sub, pad[s].

It’s fucking Wednesday and I’ve made like 3 sort of usable sounds and no arrangement.

Might have to get j̶a̶n̶k̶y̶ avant garde on this one and not be so conventional.

tl;dr mine will be the one with bare fart sounds

mine is jank af haha, yolo

Let’s collaborate and make superjenkem!


mine is pretty stupid tbh.
im def not comfortable at this tempo lol

I got to working on it last night… Im pretty satisfied with what i got so far. I was tempted to leak it.

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Push through the stupid. Make it so much more stupid that it’s not stupid any more…

If anyone needs inspiration - so many good tunes/styles here.

fuck it i cant descrive it or itll be obvs which was mine


Anyone else get this? I just re-DL’d and scanned, nothing. Wonder if it’s a false pos?

Nothing on my end :confused:

Nothing came up when I downloaded it.

me neither

i need 2 get started on this

@kLuster_of_stars …either false pos, something on your end, or a hypersophisticated trojan that only you can detect.


So made like 40 hits and a sub yesterday lol. This tune’s shaping up 2b sheer quality so far. :grimacing: Also am interested in hearing what if any of the vocal shit gets used and how.

But… For peeps struggling w feel and tempo, found that 6/8 half-time yields interesting results. Add a little swing and hey, you have… Um… Something. Sort of.


Hey that’s my trick.
I used a bit of the vocals in mine but you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Also you can really do just about anything at around 100bpm. Just go ham

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with 100 i usually go for a 4x4 feel with the kicks or a more dancehall/travelling vibe

think how the kicks go in mala - changes, that dun dun d dun dun d dun dun effect that makes u wanna boogie

Rkm that’s what I’ve been vibing for, your close enough to a dancehall tempo for it to work anyway, also fuck the pika hi sample seriously fuck it

Does this mean chucking files into serum?

Imo as long as you don’t use wave forms not from the pack it’s fine

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Yeah, just as long as you’re using pack samples as the osc waveforms and not drawing them from scratch or w/e.

2 days left! Holy shit. How’d that happen?

Did I mention I haven’t done anything else yet lol?

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