12 yrs of Boy in da corner

according to twitter yesterday was the 12 birthday of the dizzee debut

he was such a peng guy

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i wonder if it is still about what it is right now…

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Of course

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Billy Squire beat.

Weird I had this on yesterday

best one
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Blackdown said…
the Dizzee track is from the Boy in Da Corner sessions, but will never see the light of day because Dizzee doesn’t like it or think it’s finished. I tried to sign it to Run the Road 1 but he refused.

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it’s a fucking Crime this isn’t out

it’s 2000% more finished than anything after boy in da corner


(trivia: i got into this album baaare late, like first time was 10th anniversary of it’s release lol, don’t ever let me try and make out i’m grimehead since day ha)

i feel like i’ve heard that tune a bunch of times. i don’t really listen to a whole lot of grime sets though… weird. (i’d usually just hear things that are released)

well flowdan used his verse in jah war too

Still to this day the best mix i ever did was with this and Cha VIP :cornlol:

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Absolute sick album always sounds sick after years of rinsing it

yeah that’s true, some of the dizzee lyrics sound familiar as well. but weirdly i feel like i’ve heard the tune as well (like, the instrumental).

i cut it from http://blackdownsoundboy.blogspot.ro/2005/07/keysound-radio.html

oneman played it on rinse about 2 weeks ago, i thought only blackdown had it

lyrically it’s fairly similar to like brandnew day, do it, sitting here i guess

yeah i mean the production is in a similar style to a lot of his tracks so that could be it. and some of the lyrics too (particularly it’s the “I love […], I love […]” that seems so familiar).

now i think about it i could have also heard it in some dizzee freestyles that are on youtube cause i went through a period of listening to tons of those, but if they’re the only ones that have it (the instrumental anyway) then maybe i’m imagining that part. i doubt i heard it from oneman.

sounds like ur describing i luv u remix a bit now haha, radio’s possible i rarely hear him spit stuff on old sets that didn’t reach a release (haven’t dug that much tho)

this 1 as well

ye i think thats a brilliant plan im serious man cant wait for the sequel

anyone remember the tune where he’s like ‘thank u brotha suck urrrr mother’ in his weird squeeky voice

it’s so great, had it stuck in my head a while now though

Cliche as fuck but yeah. that makes me feel old : /
I remember delivering pizzas to people with that album on repeat in the car.

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