120 BPM Trap/Hip-Hop Acapellas?

I made a beat at 120 and I need some good acapellas at that tempo. Any tips?

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Can’t u time stretch or pitch something in time?
(Coco by it genasis is 120 but its shite)

Well, I would but it’s extremely hard to get it right. Believe me, I’ve tried. You can rarely do that with stuff like acapellas at like 97 Bpm bc FL can’t detect the beats and can’t really stretch it accurately. And stretching it manually is also a real pain and I don’t really feel like putting that much effort into a little loop that’s really just a little hobby. I really dont do trap music. I do deathstep and robo and tear out and deep and and pretty much anything heavy like that. That’s why I’m being lazy with it.

nah, stretching isn’t hard at all in FL, hmu in pms fam

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Stretching isn’t hard, you’re right, but it’s kind of a pain to get it at the right tempo.

you’re trolling right?

FL has a tempo tapper, what are you struggling with?

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Whatever. Forget it.