[140] Noise808 - Dub Synths

Hi guys!
140 tune with synthy vibes.
Tell me what you think of it.


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Quite enjoyed that.

Hi-hats are a little piercing, so maybe think about taking them down in the mix slightly. Also felt like there was something missing, like the sound design was good and the tune bounced along but there wasn’t anything to give the tune a firm identity.

I do agree that it lacks a certain identity (maybe the cold flangy chord should roam through out the song) and the hats are ear piercing in some ways.
I always find it hard to mix 808 style hats.

Thank you for your useful feedback!


Don’t think there was anything missing personally, this is very functional floor music imo, lots of interesting and exciting parts, very dynamic composition too, but I do agree about the hats. My headphones are notoriously dull for high end and you’ve got me flinching lol.
Tune bangs though, keep it up.

I like the switch ups a lot.
Maybe duck the sub around the kick a little? Feel like you can afford to let the kick have more weight with such a wamp sub in there.

Imo the bleepy percussion motive that comes in somewhere after 01:35 could use a bit more punch & grit, make it stand out a bit more. Hell, make it silly, because currently they have me reaching for my uk funky whistle, but not quite blowing it yet. Could go mental with it and push it to the limit, then see if you’re happy or find some middle ground instead (or just leave 'em, obviously, they’re fine, could do more though). Cool tune in general, keep it up!

Edit - 4 months later lol