16 bit, 24 bit, & 32 bit samples

So i really don’t know what “bit” means so i guess that kinda makes me a scrub. In my DAW, whenever I use drum samples, I have noticed that some samples will say 16 bit, some will say 24 bit, and others will say 32 bit. The ones that say 16 bit and 24 bit always work fine, but the samples that say 32 bit will not let me preview the sample before I bring it into the track, and it will only sometimes actually have any audio once it’s in the track. It’s weird because there have times where the sample exerted no audio and there have been other times where the sample will work just fine once it’s in the track. Id really like to find out what exactly is going on because I’m thinking about just trashing all of these 32 bit samples and I’d really like to not do that if I knew how these samples behaved.

1 bit = 1 binary digit.
The number of bits corresponds to the quality of the audio sample, more bits = higher quality.
Not sure why you can’t preview 32s, I’ve had the same problem too, but I’m guessing it’s down to the programming of the DAW and not wanting to expend the work to preview 32bit samples.
You can just re-export the samples at lower bit rates and you’ll be fine.

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The higher the bit depth the higher the dynamic range of the sample also.

doesn’t matter what they are

some even sound better in 16 bit than 32 bit

a lot of breaks only exist in 16 bit and have been the backbone for the music we listen to … .

but if you resample/bounce/render some of your sounds you should do it in the highest possible bitrate because it means the cpu will try as much as it can to save the sound in exactly the same way it sounded when you played it out in your ‘daw’.

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How would i re-export these?

You could just grab a file converter.
I sometimes just use itunes with the CD rip settings to 16bit wav though.
I’ve had people on here say that iTunes’ converters aren’t as good as others, but I’ll faithfully rest on the notion that they’re full of it.

32 bit samples are pointless in my opinion. We’re not soundtracking Interstellar here. They’re fucking huge files aswell. I might export a premaster at 32bit if it’s for vinyl but other than that stick with 16 imo.

Alright ill have to try to re-export them i guess. ^ Ive got some pretty good drum samples that are in 32 bit so id really like to be able to use them. Hopefully that will work

Edit: So i just went into itunes and realized immediately that i did not know what i was doing. Is there like a youtube tutorial or something for this?

go to preferences, then under the general tab look for and click "import settings"
switch to “wav encoder”, then under settings, set to “custom”, a window will appear and set as follows;
Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
Sample Size: 16 bit
Channel: Stereo

Switch back to your default/preference when you’re done unless you want to always convert and rip WAVs.