2015; the year of the dub plates

as we all know that 2015 is about to come to an end. I must say, this was also the year of the tunes. A lot of artist made tune’s/ep’s/mixes this year that are capable of blowing up your speakers<3

What are some of the new tune’s/eps/mixes that you rinse out?

Mine are:
Sam binga-wasted
Egoless-like a nuclear bomb
Gantz-Withes Blues
Mala-boiler room
Wulf-ego dub
Kahn, Gantz, commodo-volume 1

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Kind of surprised how much I have played Kaiju- Justice, swear I pick it up every time I mix

I’m generally consistently late with music, but I liked Lalai and Hem from Color Plus’ Neticka.
Vose 106’s Smilin’ was a fucking jam. Rest of that release is good stuff too.
Joost Lewis did some good things with 808-rock. Not as cheesy as it sounds.
Jook’s Shotgun Riddim was good.
Particle’s Anaconda edit was really good.
Monte Brooker had a nice EP on Soulection.
RKM’s Cave Dream was late to me, but good too.
Geode’s Plankton Gravy LP was pretty solid.
Mercy’s remix of Square One by Audialist was a jam.

Favorite actual dub I have though has to be Wahono’s Abandoned HiHats. He’s one to watch for the next few years imo.

Not really dubplate-relevant material, but I quite liked the Ambitions EP from Doorbells.
Fog Lake’s Victoria Park was great too. Mac Demarco’s love song album was pretty wank. Same with Shlohmo’s Dark Red.
It G Ma was my favourite rap tune of the year.
Mike Gao’s album was alright. Mostly enjoyed “Just Do You” off of that.
Noyce’s Over was a solid listen.

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loads of good releases this year, but stand out tune for me is probably goth trad’s sunbeam vip, also find myself drawing for sleeper’s operator dub and foamplate’s fuzz quite a lot


dude yes!!! I saw this madman on Halloween, Gritsy this year. Holy fuck goth trad was not fucking around.

Mmm that’s a Tunneeee
I would love to see them play at Gritsy

The new headhunter plate was sick as well, especially stand alone

Tons of good records this year, the standout tune for me is Foamplate 7.5

nah, way worse than echo dub imo.

Kahn anything :heart:


Think I play operator Dub every time I mix

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Keep your eyes peeled for two Bukez Finest 12" on Medi.

Knowing Medi’s release schedule, they should drop sometime around 2025 though.


@OP, re the egoless tune

well, it’s original

as for Wahono
must be pretty obscure Jess
any link?

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meh the original sunbeam fucks up the vip

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Yeah, he’s just this dude from around these ways tbh, other than this one free compilation we were on a few years back, I don’t think he’s actually ‘released’ anything. it was on soundcloud but he took it off.
I used it in a mix though, can send a link if you really wanna hear it.

Here’s his soundcloud if you just wanna browse, none of this stuff sounds like abandoned hi hats though, so I think he’s working on something special. I think some of the heads would enjoy “enigmatic smile” though.

The threads about 2015 releases tho, not 2010

Spill the beans ? :unamused:

All I know is they signed two 12" so far. Don’t know which tunes.

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