2017 xmas giveaways

Gundam - Darkside dub

RSD - Snowman

as usual, juno is giving away 1 track each day until the end of the year, mostly 4x4 stuff

that RSD tune is very awkward… o.O
can’t be serious

I dont think any ‘christmas/holiday’ themed dubstep can be serious…

(barring wanka’s seminal holiday classic)


Giving this spaghetti western trap thing away for xmas :onethumb:

Nice Up! on the 12 Dubs Of Xmas Volume 2:

  1. Mr Benn ft Lorna King & Gardna - Feels Right (One Drop mix) 04:13
  2. Jahrkon ft Warrior Queen - Higher Level (Origin One remix) 03:48
  3. Ghost Writerz - They Wanna Know (Reggae mix) 02:51
  4. Turntable Dubbers ft Dynamite MC - Calma & Smarta (Cut La Vis remix) 03:45
  5. XL Mad - Wine So 03:12
  6. Think Tonk - Cock Up Your Bumper 04:12
  7. Lost City - Warrior Ting 02:54
  8. XL Mad - Bruk It Gal (Jahrkon remix) 03:23
  9. The Heatwave ft Mr Lexx & Keida - Walk Out Gyal (Murder He Wrote remix) 02:58

Tis the season to be jolly once again, so we thought we’d get you in the mood with another FREE 12 track album of unreleased dubs, remixes, edits and more from the NICE UP! roster and our extended family.

We’ll be unwrapping one each day from the 14th December, so be sure to check back every day for something new. The full album will be available until the 1st January, so don’t miss out!