2019 - Best Albums Throughout This Year (2019 )

kinda slept on new stuff this year tbh, what are good albums that came out in 2019?

looking at my discogs, all i bought that was released in 2019 was represses, aside from that freddie gibbs and madlib bandana lp

This: make sure you listen all the way through, it’s a concept piece based on THX-1138. Next level sound design and mix (as I was just telling Cyc over text last night.)

And this:

Here’s a few off the top of my head, will need to go over some stuff again though in order to actually make a list:


Coco Bryce ting is nice chill vibes, cheers

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Definitely one of my favourites this year

This was really good as well

EP but still production is ridiculous, can jus about tolerate vocals

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but i fukin love it. At 2 mins is so good :love:

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Yeh, been feeling pinty

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1985 Music - Edition 2
A Winged Victory for the Sullen - The Undivided Five
Anderson .Paak - Oxnard
Батюшка - Панихида
Berghain 09
Beyonce - Homecoming
Blackest Ever Black - A Short Illness From Which He Never Recovered
Blu & Oh No - A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night
Czarface & Ghostface Killah - Czarface Meets Ghostface
Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿
Deft - Cracks
Denzel Curry - ZUU
DJ Shadow - Our Pathetic Age
Dubkasm Presents Rastrumentals Brail Roots Connection
Dubkasm - Shady Grove
Equinox - Early Works 93-94
Equiknoxx - Eternal Children
Filmmaker - Unregulated
Fracture Presents Turbo
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana
Giant Swan - Giant Swan
Girl Unit - Song Feel
Goth Trad and JK Flesh - Knights Of The Black Table
Homemade Weapons - Gravity
Iglooghost & Kai Whiston & Babii - XYZ
Inspectah Deck - Chamber No. 9
Instra:mental - Timelines
J:Majik - Full Circle
Jacques Greene - Dawn Chorus
JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs
John T. Gast ‎– 5GTOUR
King Midas Sound - Solitude
Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell!
Lee Scratch Perry - Rainford
Lee Scratch Perry - Heavy Rain
Leif - Loom Dream
Madteo - Dropped Out Sunshine
Moor Mother - Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes
My Disco - Environment
Nazamba - Nazamba
Not Glass - Forma
Octavian - Endorphins
Om Unit Presents Cosmology - Darkmatter
Prince - Originals
Ron Morelli - Man Walks The Earth
RV & Headie One - Drillers x Trappers II
Sam KDC - Omen Rising
Shawty Pimp - …Still Comin’ Real (repress)
Shed - Oderbruch
Smokepurpp - Deadstar 2
Soundbwoy Killah - Halcyon Daze
Sudan Archives - Athena
Tyler, the Creator - IGOR
Vatican-Shadow ‎– American Flesh For Violence
Zonal - Wrecked

Special mention to the represses of Vatican Shadow that came out on Hospital Productions.

Massive Attack V Mad Professor - Massive Attack V Mad Professor Part II (Mezzanine Remix Tapes '98) & the 20th Anniversary Edition of Mezzanine.

Need to spend some time relistening to a lot of Hyperdub as it feels like they had a solid year.

Probs missing loads - still got loads to listen to as well.


MOAR :corndance:

Not sure if I’d say it it was one of my favourites of the year, but this was an enjoyable and at times challenging (in a good way) listen for sure

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One I still need to listen to along with the new shed album

Got this on wax, so good

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probs my favey two albums of the year, listened to both of these a lot i must say

other notable gooduns -

Boreal Massif - We All Have An Impact
Wojciech Rusin - The Funnel
Dubkasm - Shady Grove
Carla dal Forno ‎– Look Up Sharp
Pataphysical - Periphera
Pessimist & Karim Maas - PESS002
Montel Palmer ‎– QUA?
Special Occasion - Ibiza Redux
Sunny Balm - Eucalypt
Lo Kindre - Chlorophytum
Karl Lindh - Bortom E4’s Horisont
Thom Yorke - Anima
Civilistjävel! - 2


This too

Nice list breh

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kano - hoodies all summer
little simz - GREY area
headie one - music x road
carla dal forno - look up sharp
floating points - sharp

(first post in about 7 years :corndance:)