25 years of Redeye Records

Just spotted this on the front page of Redeye

We all know about the demise of record shops so big up Tom for keeping Redeye going and for his amazing customer support :salute:


Bought from there for years now and had no serious problems in that time. Big up.

big up Redeye :slight_smile:
just wish they had fixed their site up a bit

Red-eye in Sydney has most genres but not dance including ds.

big up tom and the redeye crew :gunfinger:

It’s always gotta be redeye :gunfinger:

I remember when i strictly used Chemical Records for everything, spent thousands then thought wtf why aren’t i using Red Eye’s with their reserve option.
No other site does this which i think why it gives them the edge.
Big up Red Eye, i wonder how much money they have made through anyone that has been a member of this forum over the years.
They should be thanking us! :badteeth:

Last time I checked I’ve spent roughly £3k. :lol_og: Now they only keep public track of the last 12 months though, so I wouldn’t know.

Large up Redeye each & every. Always quick and reliable with the customer support; great shipping rates and the already mentioned reserve system to drive it home. Hope they’ll be around for a long time. :salute:

Happy customer since 2007 i think! If i had the amount of money i spend there in front of me … haha.
The reserve system is ideal for customers not based in the UK and it’s always a pleasure to push the “send the reserved orders” button.

Keep it up!

+1 on the love. any problems sorted super quick, and reserve must have saved me so much shipping over the years

My order history only goes back to August last year, only shows last 50 orders.
Any way of checking older orders.
Kinda scared to know but still

Oh or was it 50 orders? Maybe that was exactlyone year for me haha

Nah, they used to display the whole sales history on your account page but they don’t anymore.

Yeah i thought so but now it is only 50.
50 orders in 8 months is some shameful shit.
I don’t even buy records like i used to lol.
Tbf over the last year i have been buying a lot of house