honestly not sure why this one isn’t a well known classic compared to some other battered tunes tbh, deep cut, those string pads >>> ice cold

and this version is an absolute classic, straight up weapon, especially mixed out of the original; watch the crowd go owff, this record screams on a system. Breakdown on this tune is so fucking good and then that janky 2nd drop

this one closer to dubstep tbf but it goes, samurai blade action on the drum programming oh gosh such a sick break

the flip is p good as well, not quite as much of a vibe but a proper mover

Reservoir Dogs is an alias for the same guy that goes by Modern Movez (raunchy late 90s jungle/dnb) as well. Badman producer.


Crate dig find, one of few 2step recs I found in oslo


Also Horsepower


ya that ones nice, proper slinky bassline and drums. So sick when UKG tunes hit that perfect in-between of sexy and ominous.


this one almost too rigid to be 2step but it bangs out in a nice nostalgic way

p big record, Together on the flip as well


I have a couple ukg white labels and dubplates in the collection that I’ve never heard anywhere else and no clue on the IDs. I’ll try to upload em to youtube sometime.

One of the dubplates has bare Road Warrior samples and is one of my fav house party tunes ever.

such a terribly rugged tune haha


I swear I’m terrible at remembering names of garage tunes, always need to go digging through my YouTube likes to find some


all bangers in this thred


Disgusted noone posted any ramsey and fen.
Gonna post some heaters in this thread when I get back from work





I love this sound but never dug into it properly. I think after discovering Horsepower/Groove Chronicles I just assumed it didn’t get better than that and didn’t explore more. Bit like Rhythm & Sound on the dub techno side. Will keep an eye on this thread for sure


Wooo fucking flames


Posted this the other day but what a sick one


This one would bump the bassbins. I can’t find the full version which sucks because some lush pads come in part way through the tune. But when those subs hit…



Proper bouncy summer vibes on this one.



thatll do for now lol