all my tune surfing lately has been 2step. Swear every tune on youtube is a fucking belter.

the 4x4 thread is solid as fuck so this will probably be v good

Post the slickest baddest shit



This is the type of sound I used to rep. This would smash the clubs. Trust.


Found this the other day










lmao thank you i used to rinse this one but spent like the last year trying to remember it after hearing it out



Ez is such a don, can’t tell you how many times i have listened to this:

Worth playing from start but skip to 12:30 for an absolute masterclass in DJing.
He drobs Ez Intro6 into Wookie- Battle then what he does before Battle drops properly into nex tune fuk me. Fx done properly.

Also Ez intro 6 is just ridiculous, one of the best dubplates ever


saw him at outlook in 2013, fuckin nuts, man got me to dance to Breach - Jack. V V rare.

was also on drug bender with some m8s when he did that 24 hour mix, kept locking in a different stages in the bender and was always on point af

oh shit there is a video from the set haha, i think this set was 5-6am and Todd Edwards played before him. EZ didnt even want to play after Todd was done, let him go for an extra 20 minutes just standing there shook from Todd’s vibes haha. Insane night

those two sets were def the sickest part of the festival for me; tied with this moment haha

sorry for the off-topic, wasteman reminissin here



(tbf i think a lot of the magic of Groove Chronicles was El-B but still some srs heat here)




I feel like it should be against the rules to post El-B and Grove Chronicles stuff in this thread

lets dig deepa ladsz