prepare to get fudged up



Allow me to enter the fray:

  • one of my favourite tunes of all time. I have three copies of the original, one of them is on my wall. Straight from the bottom of the ocean.



both peng^


was picking out records to play on radio tomorrow and was on the fence about that nu design bit guess Im taking it if it gets the harkat stamp of approval






Just got a crispy re master on dr banana


i havent bought records in ages, really need that tho lol

idk if its just the youtube vid tho but the other one sounds better?


Lol maybe you’re right. I can’t really tell objectively but new one sounds a bit punchier to me. They did some kinda heavy EQ on the drums on the new one so you cant hear the thinner hats as well.

edit: yeah now I really a/b em they did kinda lose smth in the remaster


yeah it does sound punchier but also all the highs are lopped off. as if they used a 192 mp3 as a source file (maybe they had to lol?)