3 New Tracks

Hey guys, check out these tracks I spent the last few days making. Let me know what you think!


Your track lolidrop sounds really unprofessional because you have some sounds that are completely off beat and not mixed into the track at all. I like your melodic parts a lot…I think they have a solid melody and flow. I really like the melodic breakdowns that you have. For some reason they seem mixed a lot better than the drop sections.

Your drops are poorly mixed and poorly composed unfortunately. If you scrub your drops and make a proper hard hitting drop you could have a pretty cool track there. I think that overall, what you have going on in your drops is just the background synth work that should be layered under really heavy basses. I don’t like how you have a faux drop…this makes your drop really awkward feeling and week. For me, I want drops to hit hard…yours has a measure of drum lag and it reduces the impact.

I don’t think that you should stop making music at all. Just keep working and improving!

Of course. This the kind of advice I need so thanks. I am not claiming to be an expert of any kind. Since I have been making rap beats for a while it kind of make sense to me that the melodic parts would be a mixed better than the drops, I will definitely work on composing my drops better. Do you have any recommendations for listening material?

Hmm…your tunes aren’t my style so I wouldn’t be able to give you a tip on who to follow that fits your style. Maybe a good dubstep / brostep example would be Virtual Riot. He’s got a pretty simplistic thing going on but always has a top notch refined sound. He also has a great tutorial on his YouTube page about the nitty gritties of a drop composition. If you don’t dig his style, the way that he sets up his tracks are at least worth a look.