70/80s disco synth soundz

whats a cool synth to buy that would be easy to replicate this sorta sound/era with. Got a bit of p spare and fancy buying a synth. Started making music again and really digging the disco/soul/funk/electro vibez

especially love the sounds in these 2 bits

Juno 106 would do you.

Can also be used for ravey garms.

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reckon this is decent instead of actually buying a vintage 106?


Juno 60s are even better (soundwise), although no MIDI and less stable.

Mini Moogs.


Prophet 5s.

Poly 6s.

I :heart: my Juno-106

reckon i could have it maybe?

No way man. That was my first synth and I still have it.

juno g

You can get a midi kit for a juno 60 which is pretty easy to install

Yeah. There are also ios aps that send CV clock too.

I just jam n’ sample tho.

for those who just want some samples…



jx-3p or a jx-8p would get you there but they’re not that fun to play with unless you buy the pg-200/pg-800 (respectively) to go along with them

Nice one lads

Juno seems the way to go

Anyone got any of the boutique range? More my kinda prices

they’re aight for the price but they only have 4 voices so if you wanna play sick chords it’s gonna be voice stealing a lot

^ With sampling this becomes less of an issue.

This looks interesting. Anyone vouch?

Roland Boutique Series JU-06 Limited-edition Module