7rystan - Tourette's & ADHD [Dubstep/DnB]

New track I’ve been working on past month or so; lemme know what you all think. I’m always trying to learn, so constructive criticism is definitely welcome. Oh also, it goes from Dubstep to DnB (then to house in the full version), being the reason for the two genres in the title. Thanks a ton!

Any thoughts?

Not bad! Id really focus on layout of the drop. Really getting things to groove is a make or break it part of the track. Also im not sure if its just the note being super detuned or if its the way the patch is designed but in my opinion it really feels out of place as it doesnt really have much resolving harmonic content. I’d also use a few less snares, less is often more especially in fast paced tunes. The horns sounds cool though! overall good job