808 drum techniques and hard lels with Dj Carnage

“It just makes it sound very very way more stronger”

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That trim tip was good, I never actually knew what that knob did.


so raising volume and boosting frequencies actually make things louder

thx dj carnage great tips

This just makes me upset to watch :unamused:



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Strong post.

lenard digital goes in on this one. what a douche


And he’s been dropped by Razer;

"Razer Music has officially cut ties with Carnage, removing all traces of
him from their website. The purge of all things Carnage-related also
included his infamous tutorial video. "

was about to post that. ill admit that it sort of takes it down a notch but that entire video still happened the way it did because of how/what he is imo. Not that im let down the balance of douchenezz is more evenly spread.

lol carnage puts out a tarp vid and its every bit as aweful and basic as you’d expect it to be.

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the video is gone :frowning: