808basses/drum machine stuff

big up sick tune

you guys ever tried having a big kick then having another channel with 808 kick gate sidechained to the kick, (usually take a bit of the attack off the 808 so it’s less kicky and filter a bit), gives it a really nice booming pounding ‘club trax’ type vibe

found lately i get a much nicer tappy hard hi hat sound from taking off like all the sustain and release of an open hi hat rather than using the closed sample- sounds like nearly the same just a bit fatter

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good logic

means theres more frequency there because its open and more of the cymbal gets used via oscilation

I usually wouldn’t post technical advice but I was recently told my 808s sound good by an actually good producer so this is what I do. Not actual 808s but what trap producers call 808s. Made with synth. Because I like to have some tone to my 808s through distortion, I can’t use samples much, or it sounds too off key

sine pitching downards, intense but not too intense.

Slow attack, very little release (I prefer 808s you hold down to produce a note rather than the “bop” press and release a kick way)

distortion (i like to have that gritty low-mid tone to them)



More EQ: have a slight dip in the 100-120hz range, start passing off at 50hz. They should be peaking at 55-65hz for maximum bang in my experience

To get it to sound good, adjust the envelopes in the synth after adding all these effects

In general getting it to sound banging is mostly in the fine EQing and envelope-adjusting between the 808 bass and the kick. Most presets I have saved because they sound perfect end up sounding shit on their own, cus they are so fine tuned to a specific mixdown

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You have soundcloud or anything like that? Or are you doing more low key stuff?

www.soundcloud.com/grimmestreaper but I don’t upload too much of my good shit on there

been listening to instramental a lot lately, they do nice shit with automating fairly simple drum parts, like having 808 snare with short and long reverb automated- swinging in and out, and noticed in another one they’ve filtered the 808 snare lightly-almost all hits full then one with some of it filtered out, gives it nice movement like you now have a hit thats 3/4 like a snare and 1/4 like a hi hat- think it’s a little different sounding to if you automated velocity

i’d have tried that out but cant get on my lappy cos the chargers fucked