808basses/drum machine stuff

you do much processing to yours

do you make your own?

i usually use ones pretty much fresh out of the box, from a couple lex lugar sample packs, turn the attack up so i get less of that kick sounding bit, maybe saturate and that’s it

do you layer yours with a sine or other layers ever?

i like the way they sound usually, haven’t exactly tried it out on a big rig so dunno would that maybe be a bit weak?

(so much easier to mix a couple nice booms than rolling sine sub tho haha)

I try to create all my own sounds, so I rarely leave any sample/sound untouched if I use them. With 808’s, I create my own because I can get them to sound exactly how I want, getting everything in key and adjusting the release to my liking. I create the sub using Massive, modulating the pitch of the sine wave down real fast, so it creates a little ‘pop’ in the beginning (Sorry I’m terrible at explaining this). You can add some effects to make the sub sound more fat, like compression or even just throwing on some distortion. I put a compressor over that entire channel, and sidechain it to a kick. I turn the release on my kick down pretty low, so as to just get the initial hit. Then compress both together just slightly, so it sounds like one. I’m interested in hearing how other people create theirs!

Made a tune basically around an 808 kick bass and a break (soz only got the rip online):

i cut the start off of a big raw 808, it sounded pretty weak, then slowly added Ableton saturaters (like 3x ‘a bit warmer’ presets to start iirc) so it sounded distorted as fuck and punchy, but the tail was quite long.

and nah man on them sounding weak on a rig heard it out on a huge rig and made the 808s made the room shake more than any other tune i have made tbh.

More like:
“Soz, I’m on big boi rinse tings, innit”

loooool, big ups though. They’ve been backing you quite a bit lately!

When I go for 808 sounding stuff, I usually start with a sample, but as the track progresses I tend get a bit finicky with the way it sounds being played on different keys so I switch to a synth. Usually go for something quite simple. A sine and maybe some squares or saws with stereo detune. Also some pitch, volume, and filter, enveloping from time to time.

That being said, I’ve been yearning for a really banging 808 sample pack. Anyone got a link they’d care to share?

that’s a nice track lye form I like it

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sick one cheers, yeah i think trying to layer a sine with it would be incredibly fiddly to get tight and good sounding, think this is working with this tune

also i was reading an old thread and i think someone said 808 kicks are just a really pure sine wave anyway

jessy i can’t remember where i found these lex lugar ones but the kicks are dank some really nice overdriven ones
oh here’s one

there’s a peng dr660 one on legowelts website i think too, has really cool sounds and an 808 kit in it too i think

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cant remember what this is but probably pretty clean and non saturated

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Haha nah i meant sorry i’m not trying to be obnoxious posting a fuck off big rinse logo on this thread like “check dis” but its the only version i have up to show what i mean. (and i rip that shit so hopefully someone will put the tunes out, gotta play the game).

Cheers Topm03



i’ve really gotten into open 808 hats,

used to use the closed ones all the time but find them a bit thin now, and thought the open ones were too harsh, really like how ugly they are atm

(think it’s from listening to one of those delroy edwards mixtape hip hop style tunes, open 808 hihat doing perfect tshh into drum machine snare, sounded live)

I’m hip dude! And thanks for the links you guys!
And the open hats are sick! I automate the decay on them to play them closed at certain points and open them up from time to time. It’s like double the hihat for half the sample usage.

also, looping the sample somewhere in the middle of an open 808 hat gets u that pev/livity techno sshhhhhh sound, bare easy to do and sounds cool

jess is that how you get this, i’ve been fiddling with sustain and release to get the hi hat sound on this- swear he’s using same sample but automating the length…

tsh tsh tsh tsssh


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Yeah! How do you do the loop thing in Ableton?
Yeah, I think they’re using a 909 hat there and if it’s not that decay automation trick, he may just have two instances of the hat with slightly longer decay on one of them. I think it’s the latter actually.

some playing with reverb, delay, redux, bit crushing on sends too but ye the looping is the key

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Maybe he is cutting the sound into two bits and reversing one of them ?

(havent listened but that works if you find a good cutoff point even in a super short sound)

@RKM that hype track is large

If u ain’t seen this

those mids — mmmmmmmmh

can anyone recommend a good old school house mix, like hissing open 808 hats type shit

i don’t know where to start and i know fuck all about house

Fracture is a fucking badman

tried automating decay instead, got it more or less, safe don’t know why i gave up after fiddling with sustain and release


For that Hype (Funk) tune I just used two samples with different lengths. Nothing complicated.

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