80s Drum Machine

Hey guys,

I’m really into 80s music right now. I hear this same snare drum as in the linked song in loads of 80s music. So its probably as iconic as a 808 or 909. Thing is I can’t place what drum machine it’s from.
Can anyone help me out?

Probably a Linndrum, Linn 9000 or Drumtraks. Most likely you’re looking for the first one.
It’s all over 80s pop and dance.


yep + gated reverb

Yep. The Prince stick-knock sound heard on so many tracks (Doves Cry, the little two-step sounding hit) is just a Linn rimshot detuned about an octave and run thru an Eventide.

Haha this thing sounds so classic 80s. Thanks guys!

Damm its going for over £2k on ebay!

Gona have to add this to my dream studio wish list.

either that or just download the samples lol

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^ we are talking about my dream studio here. It’s a fictitious place that only exists in my head.

Practically sample could work… TBH I would rather have a VST emulation.

If you have Ableton you can download the classic drum machine packs. The LinnDrum is in there.

Did you know that Roger Linn also designed the MPC?

Thanks yeah I’m in Ableton. Might mess about making a bit of New-Retro with it :stuck_out_tongue:

No I didn’t… but wikipedia just told me that he worked on the MPC60 and MPC 3000.

Would love a classic MPC too. I could really get into just using classic Roland and Korg synths with an MPC… and a few classic drum machines for sure. Make me some phat Witch House or something.

You need the AMS Neve reverb! Or anything that does a non-lin reverb setting. Lin Drum plus that is instant 80’s magic

You could also make some Swamp Rat with those instruments.

If you’re looking to get an 80s digital hardware drum machine, you could keep an eye out for
a Yamaha RX5. Very cheap, but they do the job.

I have a bunch of Linndrum samples loaded on my Analog Rytm. Doing a lot of faster
synth wave type stuff together with Rob Papen’s Predator.

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Yeah, although as a drum machine veteran of sorts I always hated the RX5’s shitty quant/swing options.

My Alesis SR-16 was the bomb… they still sell for decent money too. Think you can get 'em for $150 or so.

I still have my old Boss DR-5 which was actually pretty handy back in the day when my instrument options were limited and it was 4 part multitimbral meaning I could lay down drums and a bassline and maybe some sort of keyboard thing too.

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I love the sound sets of those Boss boxes. So thicc n crunchee.

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The sounds were editable too. I remember editing one of the 808 kick sounds to get junglist sub-bass tones. Not bad for a little drum machine I got used back in the '90’s. Probably 1997. Wow, 20 years ago.

I remember the dude who sold it to me, Mark, in a little music shop in downtown Seattle. I used to go skateboarding with him and he worked with this singer who I got to eventually work with me.


Yeah… was just about to go re-DL some and sadly they’ve disappeared from the kb6 drum machine archive. :crying_cat_face:

I forget how lucky I was growing up in the digital age. I started out on Cubase 4 and a bootleg copy of a BBC sound pack :joy: Nice to know there are a few elders around. Sorry if I made you feel old bro!

I never looked at Predator untill just now. Back in the day I would use Albino 3 and Blue… but damm man Predator has to be one of the lushest soft synths I have ever heard. Going to have to grab this when I get the money. Whats the CPU footprint like?

It’s not that demanding, not like Diva or anything. You can easily run 4 instances of it
on a Macbook from 2013 or later, especially if you go with low oversampling.

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