A daw for a noob

Hii guys, i am new to this forums as well as music production.
Recently, this month, ive tried demo of reapor, ableton Iive, fl studio 12,lmms
I didnt liked reaper and lmms at all.
But i got confused betwen ableton and fl.
I liked fl piaono roll whereas ableton roll sucks.
Step sequencer of fl was awesome.
And drag and drop feature of ableton was great.
I liked both of them but confused now, and couldnt explore that much
Which will be better , when started to exploring them.
Please help me.
I want to make some future bass ,trap and some remix of songs

I like fl studio a lot. And seemlessr makes some good free tutorials on youtube

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Use FL.
One of us.
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One of us.

What is it that ypou were dragging and dropping in Abelton that you couldn’t drag and drop in FL? Because there’s literally nothing you can’t drag and drop, bar a few apple audio formats, which will change in future.

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I mean, dropping samples from broweser to audio

You can do that, it’s kinda awkward on mac, but definitely doable. Just have to click it and wait for a second before dragging it in.


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The easiest DAW is Fl Studio by FAR, it is designed and targeted toward people with no prior experience in music production. LMMS is just a free, kind of crappy FL clone. Reaper is ok but not easy to pick up by any means. Ableton is very, very worth knowing though.

Bottom line is if your running Windows, then without a doubt FL, but if your on mac I would use Ableton.

any of these programs are going to take TIME and EFFORT to learn though…

FL exists for mac now!

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Everyone should use reason becaus then u have rel anlog sound. It has cables which means its analog


Fuck reason, it’s basically all that modular crap that gets blarwham detained and anally probed in train stations.


That’s why its better than anything else cos it has wires


Nah man. You want wires, buy hardware.


Reason makes more sense to me because it is hardware emulation. It’s instruments
and a really good sequencer. If the hardware signal flow/routing does not help you work,
I’d go with Cubase or Ableton. Although I picked up Logic really fast as well.
They are all the same in essence. Reason and Reaper are exception I guess.

You could use FL for its step sequencer with its Frooty Version for (I think) $100, then render audio out of that and use it in Ableton Live.

I personally use Ableton Live. I do own FL, but I hardly use it.

Or you could just use DubTurbo.

Or you could just download them all illegally and use the best bits of all of them and just transfer the files around

Fuck that.

Started to reply, got super bummed out by you callous lot, quit.

OP: make the best tunes you can on a given platform and then abandon it entirely and start from scratch. It’ll keep you fresh. No joke.

A good tune is a good tune is a good tune. Doesn’t matter if you made it on a laptop or ukelele or iPhone or didjiridoo.


Everyone takes the piss out of FL Studio, but one of the best producers in the whole scene - Silkie and the Face of Dubstep throughout 2005-2007 I would say, Skream uses it.

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Thankyou guys for replying.
I use pc.
I want to know that, fl studio is heavy than ableton in terms of memory or cpu usage?

Probably roughly the same I’d not less