A riddim bass mystery in Reason Malstrom from BloodThinnerz tutorial

I really tried. To make things simple, I found out my remake sound at the beginning is different, here is my sound:

this sound in the tutorial is at 00:56,

the beefy and crisp is absent in my version. I think the Reson in tut is rewired to ableton and there is fx chain in ableton. Could somebody give me a hint how I can achieve the sound in the tut? I remake the whole proccess several time, the pamameter is exact the same, my final sound is different from the tut one and lose all the beauty, althoug it’s similar, if you know what I mean. I use reason 5. In the comment someone said it is the reverb thing, but I doubt that will change the timber, and I notice there is no low end in the tut sound, but not only the eq works there I suppose. Thank you guys!