A tune a day for 30 days

hey all, I’m doing a bit of an exercise, a tune a day for 30 days. I’m on day six today, but if you’re interested in hearing any of the output from this whole thing, here’s my soundcloud :slight_smile:

it’s a self-imposed exercise in finishing music quickly, but more importantly, willing to let go of a piece of work every day. Given that, there’s a variety of styles, and i wouldn’t exactly say that their all very good!

Also i’ve written all of them so far @ 1 pattern/bar and 32 lpb. it can be overwhelming but allows me to think more in terms of overall movement, instead of just 8 bar phrases or something.

am i crazy?

if anyone else wants to join in on this feel free!


I’ve stuff like this before–February Album Writing Month (FAWM) which is 14 songs in 28 days. I was also trying to do a “live jam” a week this winter. I’ve gotten a bit behind, but still being pretty productive. At least started. Good luck man, I’m going to try and carry on with my “jam a week” exercise : )

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yeah, it’s a nice way to get on shit. plus i’ve got so many ideas, even if they’re just a minute long. My basic rule is an intro, something, and an outro, but more importantly to not let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

hell by the end of the month i’ll have 3 albums worth of material— quantity, not quality though. it’s nice on the 7th day to be at the point i used to be at—full confidence to make something at the drop of a hat, no inspiration required!

day nine today, here’s day eight 'lil techno thing… i guess i’m very inspired by dirt… ha

Seems relatively normal? Tho tend go make 4-5 in a day then none for a day or two then another 4-5, so is it to make tunes faster or to get your ass in the studio every day?

Do you not work from home?

i want to do this for a week, ill post updates!

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Sometimes doest really make a difference though as i usually write 9pmish-3ish anyway

wow you’re prolific! would love to hear them!

He’s pretty damn good if I may say so myself.

Also, @Lye_Form, y u no keysound release yet?

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Just one of dem tingz innit

Lol forgot about that tune. didn’t know it was still on SC.

Cheers for the props.:nogunfinger:

sick - will have to check more of these tunes


could you explain your process a bit more? As in, what’s your general workflow?

I tend to write my stuff in renoise, at 32 lines per beat with each pattern at a bar (tends to get nuts like the infamous vsnares vache vid on youtube). Also been designing everything by hand pretty much, with the exception of some mechanical foley sounds, which I usually process further.

when I say designing by hand, it’s either a stock sample that I process the shit out of in cdp to create something entirely new, or patches designed from scratch and then resampled a few times to process further.

Guna respond 18 months late to this.

Funny this thread is responsible for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB6zlLe5ScA coming on 12"

and since this thread @MorrisJessle https://bleep.com/release/83848-lyeform-things-betwixt-ep :grin:


I write really fast on purpose or i end up not making anything but loops, though any release i have had took a lot longer on tweaking/mixing/editing etc.

Tend to throw samples into Ableton, open a few soft synths or set up hardware (i only have 1 hard synth at home tbf), and kinda have a lot to play with before even trying to make anything, then i just experiment, throw things around and grab other samples as and then, after 20 mins-30 i decide if i have something or not, then completely write out the tune structure, and start building it up, and then cutting it down (taking out anything that doesnt add value), for about an hour. then bounce, save as v1 and move on - i listen to stuff then and narrow down tunes to keep working on and/or send to DJs. Best ones get sent out and then some get airplay.

I took a little bit of this mindset to production: https://blog.codinghorror.com/quantity-always-trumps-quality/

Its prob cus i have no false idea i’m some mega talent, so i hope if i make enough i’ll fluke out enough tunes that some may be good.

Ideal line is prob somewhere in the middle - though everybody is different.


I need to do this… I just finished a project based off loops in 2 weeks… I bet if I play my cards right I could do this… I just see myself burning out on day 10

Did this for years its great fun. After 30 days do a mix of just your own tunes.


Can’t do it daily, but I’ve been doing 2 or 3 per week since 2010 or so. Very similar to Lye in laying the foundations quickly, just have fun and develop the ideas that are worth developing. Spent the first 3 years or so of producing trying to make the best tune everytime, overworking tunes (polishing turds etc etc), would spend a month on one tune and it was shit, but it was my only shit.