Abelton Live 9 vs Fl studio

Hii Guys. I am new to this forums and just 16yr old kid.I am currently using Fl studio 12 for almost one year and now i learned basics of fl studio pretty much and made some really good beats .So the main topic is , should i start using abelton live, as it looks so cool and has more features than fl studio.Should i give it a try?
And yes i have money for abelton live.

Theyre all the same thing really. All that matters is how good you know your DAW and how creative you can get with it. Yes try it, you might like it more. Which was what happened to me when I was choosing which one I liked most. Both very capable, Ive heard extremely good stuff from both. So in the end, doesnt matter what someone else likes more. Try it yourself and see which feels better

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yeah, what Murton said. If you find you actually need the features in Live that you don’t have in FL, then switch, if not stay with what you know. I use Cubase and I probably use about 30% of the features and will probably never use the other 70%.

Ohh thankyou guys @Murton @swerver for replying and so what are using now murton?
And it is tough to learn ableton?

If you have only been using a DAW for a year, switching to a new DAW may end up feeling like you are starting over completely.

I’d worry about writing good songs that you have an emotional investment in. Don’t get caught up in the thinking that your tools are holding you back. 99% of the time it isn’t the case, it is just an subconcious excuse : )

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use both

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@fragments i think i just want to try .And i think its good to learn new things
@kLik_kLak they are totally different , i will try to master.only one DAW

nah they’re really not when you get the hang of em

I use Ableton 9. I also tried Logic and FL. I felt like I could make something a lot easier in Ableton. Im at the end of my 3rd year now and can still forget certain things about Abelton though haha I smoke too much green, or not enough :slight_smile: It took me a little bit before I felt like I knew my way around, but not super long or anything. I definitely do not know everything about it, the program is huge and can do an insane amount. If you asked me to choose, I would say Ableton

the only things keeping me from using Ableton full time are probably Patcher and that amazing piano roll :heart_eyes:

I use fl. I don’t really see a reason to switch its all just the same thing. I like fl’s workflow and how visual everything is. From what I’ve seen of other programs they’re a bit more cluttered

whats a daw

Digital Audio Workstation. Poncy name for a sequencer.

Yea, except you’d just be re-learning to do the same things again more or less, that is what I’m getting at. Ableton certainly offers things FL Studio doesn’t. But if you’ve only been at this a year, I highly doubt there will be any benefits. Not to mention the cost.

Nah, a sequencer is for creating sequences, not all sequencers are DAWs but all DAWs have sequencers. Early music tech was just sequencers rigged up to hardware, DAWs rig sequencers to software.

Yeah i was simplifying, arguably the meat of any daw is the sequencer

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I chose Ableton because you can export directly to SoundCloud


Dunno if that’s legit, but I lol’d

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When you see a painting you like, do you ever wonder what brand of paint was used?

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Nah, probably would if I was a painter and things like that affected my income and the quality of my work though.

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