Ableton 9 crashes when project loads

Im in the mixing process of my current track and at the stage i am at know i cannot even get the project to open because it keeps crashing.

I exported all my tracks as 32-bit wav files and made a project out of that. I separated the subs from the bass tracks and made them separate audio tracks. I was using ozone 6 on a bunch of them but my project seams to crash when I have too many instances of ozone up so i started freezing the track when i was done using ozone and replacing the old audio with the audio processed by ozone.

I started getting disc overload problems and in an effort to try and make my track playable without anything cutting out because of my lack of disc speed i switched all the audio files to read from ram. Ever since then I cannot open the project. As soon as it starts to open and load it crashes. I have even moved all the vsts out of my folder to make sure it wasnt a plugin making my project crash (which iv had to do for ozone in the past and it worked), but is still crashes without any plugins

Is this because I loaded them into ram or just because i used 32-bit wav files and thats just too much to handle?

sounds like you ran out of RAM, how much have you got? I presume you can still open other projects OK? If you haven’t already tried, rebooting might help as that will free up RAM

i have 8gb. My template project works fine, i havent tried other projects actually. I have restarted the computer too and that didn’t help. luckily I started using splice so i can try to salvage some of my work.

Its not gunna do much for this project but would exporting my stems as 24bit instead of 32 help prevent this from happening again? and if so is that going to lessen the quality somehow?

I don’t know ableton but if the setting to read from RAM/HD is universal (i.e. not project-based) then change it back to read from the HD and you might be able to open the project then (as it will not be trying to load everything into RAM).

Exporting the stems as 24bit will reduce their size thus reducing the amount of RAM required to open them. You probably won’t notice the difference between 24 and 32bit tbf, but if I was you I’d get a better HD and/or more RAM.

luckily with the help of this ( i was able to recover my project since reading from ram is a setting for each audio file and not a global setting. For now i will just have to deal with the skipping.

I know solid state drives read faster and that is probably the best option but not the cheapest and i cannot afford that ATM. Any other cheaper options that you know of i could look into?