Ableton tutorials

Is there any decent Ableton tutorials that anyone can reccomend before i just pick one at random?

I just want to get started with the basics, it is all very overwhelming

Sadowick has got an extensive Ableton Live Ultimate course. When I started out with Ableton i watched a lot of his, and Tom Cosms videos.

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when I started out on ableton, I think I got the most out of dubspot and point blank, which are online music schools but have a lot of quality free tuts that are fun and easy. some essentials to start with that I found very useful when starting out.

this gives you a nice intro on how to use the operator (ableton has incredible factory plugins)

another synth tutorial

some nice tips and tricks

another synth tutorial

this gives you a nice idea of how to make beats with the exquisite drum rack

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Nice one! i’ve already started with what Pokus reccomended but i’ll have a watch when i get a bit further into things.

Artfx has some good tutorials for neuro kinda stuff, my sound design has gotten a lot better based on some of the stuff i’ve seen in his vids, some of his vids are more geared towards the brostep crowd though