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Unsigned forum members’ tracks & place for feedback.

Please use separate threads for each track. Please note that DSF does not accept any responsibility for the content, submissions, information or links contained herein. Users posting content here, do so completely at their own risk. Tips for getting more feedback:

  • Format your thread titles like this: Artist - Track Title (Genre/description); some genres/descriptions to consider: Deep, Minimal, Dancefloor, Tearout, Filth, Brostep, Experimental, Classic, DnB, etc…

  • Avoid mentioning your age. Beethoven was 12 when he released his first work, Jonny Cash
    was 72 when he released one of his best tracks. Age is irrelevant.

  • Avoid using LOTZ OF EXCLAMATIONZ!!! You may well be excited about your tune, but let the music do the talking.

  • Do not ask for feedback (aka “please listen!”) in the thread title. Don’t waste part of your thread asking for feedback when that is the purpose of this forum.


Can we encourage the old way of topic naming please? and pin this lovely post in the new forum?


I understand this is a ,‘new’ forum, but can we introduce the spam filter for new topics as per - https://www.dubstepforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=286010

  • which was also a great way to encourage feedback/interaction.

I understand things are still warming up (and some users, including myself, only use the dubs sub-forum), so maybe reduce the amount of posts to 10, or a lot less than 50, maybe have a vote on it?

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