About to buy trash 2. Objections?

it’s on sale for $99US, Ill be using it for synths and wavs i’ve recorded on my zoom h5, drums and voice. It would be my first izotope plugin but maybe someone would recommend ohmicide or something they think is better… I already have fabfilter saturn and slatedigital virtual tape machines. Maybe abletons suite 9/max4live already has enough…?

Imo it depends on what your needs are. If you feel that the unique features of Trash 2 can’t be replicated easily with what you already have, and you have the money, I’d say go for it. Seems pretty sweet!

its awesome. learn to use the components instead of the presets b2b dry/wet tho. you can make really nice crunchy shit with just that and massive. (funky or neuro). I bought straight up after demo.